Member Agreement & Account Policies



The Village Cooperative, Inc.  D.B.A TVC One Investments  is an Online Membership Network also known in this document as “TVC, Inc.” who offers Investments and Savings Accounts through Membership. Savings accounts are designed to allow consumers that live in under-served communities to support their own by organizing as a mutual fund under TVC One Investments, pulling funds from various sources to purchase and invest in securities or similar assets.


To open an account you must be a U.S. Resident. A valid email address is required to set up your online account. Verification of U.S. Residency and Identity may be required to withdraw funds from your cash balance investment account. Small investors may purchase stocks available through the following mutual funds: 1600 Mutual Fund and the TVC ONE U.S. Stock Mutual Fund 


Annual Membership for consumers $29. There is one consumer membership permitted per person per household.

Annual Membership for small businesses $99. There is one business membership permitted per business location.


Business Services are provided by TVC ONE Investments Account Executives. Some (AE) reps may be contractors or employees of TVC, Inc. Service guarantees our to be verbalized or documented in any estimates, quotes, billing statements, or invoices agreed upon. The purchase of Business Services or Goods is not required to maintain membership.


Fees will be associated with investing in different scenarios. Investing scenarios are posted in our online store, sent via email invite to trading events. TVC, Inc. will outline any additional fees required to invest in that particular scenario. For example: From time to time we will post a IPO stock in our online store. You can purchase the stock through us but there may be a small fee associated with the purchase. Buy and Sell options are not as quick as trading as an individual using personal trading platform. Normal investment risk should be associated with our services.  It is not a requirement to invest in any mutual fund or stock portfolio to maintain membership.


Cash Investments can be made at any First National Bank associated with First National Bank of Omaha. Always check our Prospectus before making a cash investment.


As a TVC One Member you are taking advantage of investing opportunities typically made only available to  large investors. You also save on transaction costs and further diversify your portfolio. Each investor has different goals, risk levels and exit strategies. Therefore, not all group decisions are best for each individual in the group . Through online daily vote, all members must exercise their right to vote so that our company can reach a consensus before deciding what to purchase. When the market is volatile, taking the time and effort to reach an agreement can take away opportunities for quick profits or reducing potential losses.

Investments in the 1600 Mutual Fund, symbol “TVC” (the “Mutual Fund”) are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of the principal amounts invested. The Mutual Fund (the “Funds”) invest in companies that have recently completed initial public offerings or are small black owned businesses that are more than 10 years of age. These stocks are unseasoned equities lacking trading history, a track record of reporting to investors and widely available research coverage which many result in extreme price volatility. Due to a greater number of IPOs and stocks in certain segments, the Funds may also be subject to information technology and financial sector risk, small and mid-capitalization company risk, emerging markets risk. Our strategies have high portfolio turnover and securities lending risks. The returns of the ETFs may not match the return of the respective indices. The ETFs are classified as non-diversified investment companies subject to concentration risk.

  • Free Investment Savings Account with up to 40% Return on the funds you deposit annually.
  • Quarterly Dividend (Based On Quarterly Revenues)
  • Exclusive TVC Foods & Wholesale Store On-line
  • Receive job offers through our sister company TVC ONE Staffing via
  • Franchise Opportunities

TVC One Investments is made up of a pool of funds collected from many black  investors in over 32 states, for the purpose of investing in those communities by zip code. As a whole we attempt to pull funds from each other and outside sources that allows us as investors to be treated as a single account holder in various exchanges, allowing us to buy more shares in stocks and similar securities. We take extreme interest in organizing 100% Black Owned Businesses in to stock holding entities. While you are a member, TVC One Investments will be your “money manager”, who will invest total pulled funds in attempt to produce capital gains and income for our member investors.


Your membership counts for one vote in all TVC One Investments private operational affairs for residents residing in New York, NY and Omaha, NE. If you do not reside in either state your vote counts but for Marketing & Research surveys sent to TVC Members.


TVC One Investments is owned by it’s subsidiary parent company The Village Cooperative, Inc. in the State of Nebraska and Headquartered in New York, New York. All members of The Village Cooperative, Inc. d.b.a TVC One Investments are owners of the company as well.

No investor, by law, can own more then 5% of the company common stock. Certificate of Shares can be requested and purchased at any time through our 1600 Mutual Fund under Ticker: TVC. Shares are reflected by your  TVC Dollar Shares™, Travel Dollars, and Cash Balance. Credit balances are not included as they are administered by Third party lenders.


Interest is calculated at an annual rate of up to 40% ROI or 3.33% per month ROI. Dividends are dispersed quarterly. You must have a positive TVC Balance by the time our Quarterly Revenue Statements are released to receive  a dividend.


As an active member you agree to receive text, voice, and email alerts of your account status unless these communications preferences are opted out of via our CRM Management System.


Deposits received before 11 a.m. CST M-F will be posted the same day.


Check Balance: Click Here

You have 2 balances available.

Business Credit Account (USD)

  • USD Credit Balance – Includes any Business & Consumer Credit awarded to individual TVC Members.

Stock Account (TVC)

  • Reflect cash payments received online for stock trading. This is your personal 1600 Mutual Fund. All cash deposits will be used to invest in your zip code using this Account.
  • Reflects transfer you have made from your Credit Account to your U.S. Stock account to purchase trades by phone or via an online form.

You immediately start earning interest on the business day‡ we receive your deposit for investments.

Please note: Withdrawals may not exceed the available funds in your account and no more than 6 withdrawals can be made per year. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours and your money request will be completed on the 4th Business day after we receive your deposit request.

Deposits and withdrawals are subject to our right to refuse deposits or  withdrawal requests.


Business In-Store Credit is available by invitation only. Payment terms are Net 10-90 and require full repayment of balance within 10-90 days from the date of service or purchase order. A $10.00 account set up and payment processing feel may be charged on each credit account.

Application & Document Requirements

  • Complete Membership & Business Credit Application
  • 2 Bank References (PayPal or Prepaid Debit can be considered)
  • 1 Business Checking Account
  • Business Plan (May Be Required)
  • Proof of Income (Child Support, Alimony, Social Security, and other income maybe considered)
  • Proof of Identity (State ID Card, Drivers License, or Student ID Card)
  • Proof of Residency (Utility Bill or Vehicle Registration)

Fee Schedule 

  • Account Set-up – $10
  • Payment Processing – $5
  • Late Payment Fee (7 Day Grace Period) – $10
  • Past Due Balance Interest 3.33% monthly

Payment Terms

  • Net 10-90
  • Payment must be received via your payment link referenced in your email or text communication.

You may open an account in your dependents name who is under the age of 19 years. Management will offer this opportunity on a period basis. No all custodial accounts will be approved. Verification of dependents identity will be required.


Personal Investment Savings accounts can only be opened in the name or names of a natural person(s) – not in the names of trusts. However, we do offer Payable on Death (POD) accounts. These POD accounts let you designate funds in your TVC account be payable, after your death (and after the death of the joint owner of the account), to one or more surviving individual beneficiaries.

Please note: Beneficiaries named on POD accounts must be individuals. POD accounts cannot be set up in the names of trusts. Certain state law restrictions apply to POD accounts. Please consult an attorney or a qualified estate planning professional before designating your account as a POD account.


These accounts are credited by invitation only and work as investment accounts. Funds can be deposited by members, TVC, or sponsors. Funds can be used to make utility payments to other members accounts as utility assistance payments.


To earn TVC Dollar Shares™ that can be converted to cash, tvc store credit, or travel dollars you must join our network. Be an active member and complete various member activities. Each activity has it’s own reward. Rewards range from 1 TVC Dollar to 333 TVC Dollars. To access affiliate ads, always visit your dashboard daily to see new ads.


You can choose to receive your certificate of shares online via email or via paper statement in the mail by emailing


As an investment corporation TVC, Inc. d.b.a TVC One Stock Investments requires a hold on all transactions to be a minimum of 30 days. You may withdraw  funds via PayPal using the request funds feature from


TVC One Investments and TVC, Inc. has the right to modify this agreement at anytime. When this agreement is modified you will be notified via email or U.S. mail within 10 days of modification.

Last Edited: 5:21 a.m. 3/15/2017