Our History


Who We Are

TVC ONE Investments is a for-profit asset management company and is made up of many black investors in over 32 states. Our purpose is to invest in predominately black communities. We partner with business investors, leaders, and community organizations on a local level to engage the spirit of self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship. We are a for-profit investment company.

What We Do

TVC ONE Investments has it made it faster, easier, and more affordable to become self-sufficient. As a whole, we attempt to provide investment opportunities in the U.S. We approve individuals in low income brackets.

How We Do It

Utilizing strength in numbers, we leverage buying power through our online stock exchange.

This erects the ability to restore communities highly concentrated of blacks in to whole communities of affordable mobile homes, grocery stores, and more! As a TVC member, you will also receive an TVC ONE Investment Savings to purchase various black owned stocks and U.S. securities.

This plants the seeds of quality health and wealth in your community. We believe that when blacks do better the whole country benefits. We also go into communities and physically install TVC ONE philanthropy, culture, and cultivation events through our non-profit organization Grow Goodness program.